Resumés are the most important selling tool to get your foot in the door. With the right resumé, you will not only beat the competition, but show your prospective employer what skills you bring to the table.

RRA offers several packages to fit your needs. These packages are highly recommended for those who are looking for a new career, change of career, have been unemployed or a recent graduate.

All packages include:

  • 1 resumé
  • Career consulting and assessment
  • Complete 5-10 year plan
  • Interview Techniques
  • List of job sites/web searches
  • Three (3) follow up 1 hour Consulting Sessions
  • Entry level/Recent grad/0-2 years experience
  • Established Career/Mid level management/Specialist, 3-5 years experience
  • Senior Level Management/Professional/Technical, 6+ year’s experience

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